Tahoe SUP ambassador - Lindey Felsch

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Lindsey is a North Lake Tahoe native who developed her love for the outdoors at a young age. As the daughter of an avid skier, windsurfer, surfer and water-skier she immediately followed in her dad’s footsteps and became enamored with water sports. In high school you would find her out on Lake Tahoe enjoying the pristine water getting towed behind a boat either waterskiing, wake boarding or wake surfing. In 2009, Lindsey and her family were introduced to paddle boarding on a trip to Hawaii. When they returned, they immediately tried to reenact the sport by throwing one of her dads old and narrow windsurf boards in the water and using an old wooden canoe paddle. Not completely equipped for the sport, they had plenty of laughs and fell in love. Soon after their first board was purchased. 

You will now find Lindsey out on any body of water on her board, during all seasons. She casually competes in the Tahoe Basin Paddle Events for the love and fun of the sport. When she’s not on her board or enjoying the outdoors you will find her planning all women’s non-competitive paddle events around the world for The Butterfly Effect. A worldwide movement hinged on empowering and inspiring athletic women through water sports, to grow together as a community and to use their collective drive to give back to local charities.

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