Tahoe SUP ambassador - Reed McClure, Paddle Board Fisherman

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Reed McClure

Reed is a paddle board fisherman from Northern California. He spends much of his time exploring remote lakes and rivers in search of great fishing holes. He is both a fly fisherman and a spin fisherman, and he is equally at home fast moving rivers or or quiet lakes. Trout and Bass are Reed's primary fish of choice, but he also goes after Catfish, Shad and Salmon.

When Reed is fishing on flat water, he prefers to use the Odyssey SUP PaddleCraft due to its stability and weight capacity, but when he is in the skinny water of a fast moving river he prefers to use the Tahoe SUP Alpine Explorer, because it handles rapids well, and it is easy to hike into remote locations with the inflatable board in a back pack.

Reed says fishing from a paddle board is a great way to stay in shape, and SUP gives him access to areas that would be difficult to reach from a boat. 

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