Family Standup Paddle Board Fun in Florida with the Capra Family

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Family Fun in Florida with the Capra’s

We loaded up the truck to set out for some fun in the sun at our favorite beach, Fort Pierce Inlet State Park. Surfboards, bodyboard, fins, masks and snorkels and our KM Hawaii paddle boards! The newest of our family toys for playing in the water, at first we had to make a plan for getting the boards from the car to the water.   It took some planning but with the help of my 3 young daughters and right things in the right girls hands we pulled it off it one trip.

Mad Dash for the Water!

The chaos would soon begin, trying to get the kids all sun screened up. The oldest girl Kaileigh books it for the rocks at the jetty with her body board, the middle one, Marleigh grabs her surfboard and is dragging it to the water and the baby is hiding behind us being high maintenance. We get settled in and now it’s time to play. I head down to the water with the older two while Nicole my wife deals with Finleigh the baby

After some fun in the surf with the kids I’m quick to grab the KM Hawaii Cruiser and try it out. It gets immediately pirated by some of the girls friends and soon all the kids are climbing all over the board. There’s five kids ready to ride and I line them up sitting toboggan style by size from smallest to biggest. I’m not sure of this but the kids are chanting Wave, Wave, Wave! Nicole pushes them in I’m there with my GoPro to catch the moment. Priceless!

And so the day goes, the kids just constantly grabbing different boards off the beach and playing in the surf.  Only to be soon distracted by the sand but that’s short lived too and back off into surf with the boards.

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