Fishing and Standup Paddle Boarding at the Southern Cape - Jersey Shore

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Fall temperatures have begun to settle in here on the Southern Cape of New Jersey . And so the waiting begins for Stripped Bass to start running in the gullies off the beaches. As the ocean water temp drops the anticipation grows for the arrival of the bigger Stripers.  We have had a run of beautiful conditions this October and have been looking forward to getting on the Fish Stalker to explore some areas for fishing potential.  
The barrier islands of South Jersey are a great set up for hitting numerous areas.  The inlets between each island create a lot of water movement with the changing of tides.  So the amazing stability of the Inflatable Fish Stalker is key.  Last weekend my girlfriend and I paddled out to a tidal sand bar that pops up during low tide and can be completely submerged during high tide. Yeah, plenty of capacity on the Stalker for us both and the gear.  The dynamics of the water moving around the island, surf breaking on one side and calm water on the back side makes for a fun day of paddling when the fish don’t seem interested in what I was throwing at them.


With more than enough space for the cooler (, tackle and dry bags (, exploring was just as fun as fishing. The tidal islands can feel like you’re discovering a world of your own. And with all the shifting sand and current, no two days leave it looking the same. Although we didn’t run into  any Stripers out there, its still early as the water is warm.  That’s where the Fish Stalker shows its multi use capabilities. We island hopped the day away and paddled to the rhythm of the tide for crossing the channels in between each. There will be plenty of fishing to come on the Stalker. But its great to know we are going to be enjoying the board for days like these too. 

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