standup paddle board rental try before you buy ontario canada

Most customers spend time researching different brands and models and looking for the "best deal" before investing hard earned money into a paddle board.

Everyone is different and the only way to ensure a perfect fit is to get on the water with the product.

Touring, race, surf, all around, inflatable, hard board, raft systems, and many other related accessories we rent them all.  

4theoutdoors wants to make sure you get the right board for you, the customer, and encourage buyers to rent a few boards, and paddle them before making the buy decision. Simply rent product, save your receipts and when you are ready to buy the rental fees will be credited against the purchase price of your paddle board.

Rent, try, and select the best paddle board that fits your needs.

standup paddle board rental try before you buy


  • Up to $250 of rental payments are applied to the purchase of a NEW paddle board
  • The purchased model must be one of the items rented
  • Offer expires one year after the last rental
  • Excludes paddles, personal-flotation-devices, and other gear provided with board rental

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