MSR AutoFlow Gravity Clean Water Filter

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This lightweight system filters 1.5L of water per minute with low effort and no pumping. You simply fill and raise the reservoir and let gravity and the polymer fibres in the filter remove 99.99% of all bacteria and protozoa. The fibers in this filter are slightly more brittle than other types. Although the cartridge is encased in a protective rubber shell, and drop-tested to seven feet, consider carrying a spare cartridge on long trips - they are small, light, and relatively inexpensive.

Perfect For
  • 4L collapsible reservoir is made from polyurethane-coated Cordura®.
  • Features a roll-top closure and a clear viewing port graduated to 4L.
  • Hoses are silicon.
  • Hollow fiber technology uses polymer fibers to create a high surface-area filter that allows water to flow quickly through a 0.2 micron effective pore size. Re-designed is lighter than previous models.
  • Nominal 1500L filter life is for clear water, turbidity will reduce its useful life to 1000 to 1200L.
  • Universal bottle adapter and clean-side cover allow filter output to 63mm standard bottles and a wide variety of other containers or reservoirs.
  • Quick-connect adapter on the reservoir allows easy filling prior to filtering.
  • Clip-style shutoff valve on the output hose allows quick and easy change of output containers.
  • Easy to maintain in the field by back-flushing. Reverse the flow by elevating the filtered water above the water collection reservoir.
Capacity (oz) 65
Gender Unisex
Manufacturer Warranty 90 Days

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