BRAVO 20 SUP PUMP for inflatable standup paddle boards

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The Bravo 20 is the best allround 12-volt electric pump on the market and includes an integrated rechargeable 12V DC battery, inflation fittings for all common valves, and a convenient carry bag.
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The Bravo 20 Electric Pump has everything you need to pump your kiteboarding kite, stand up paddle board (SUP), raft, boat, kayak, other inflatable items all in one convenient

Twin-cylinder, single-stage pump fills quickly and to higher pressure than most electric pumps on the market. An easily-selectable pressure dial indicator lets you choose the PSI and automatically shuts-off when the desired pressure is reached.

The pump houses an internal, rechargeable battery that can be easily trickle-charged using the included wall charger or car cigarette lighter adapter. If the battery is drained but you still want to pump something, the pump can be run from other 12V power sources such as a car battery using the included power cable.

The heavy-duty hose comes with several different sizes and types of adapters for compatibility with H3 SUP valves, 9mm kite inflate valves, and Boston screw valves (commonly found on kites and many air mattresses). The pump hose comes with an optional kite leash to hold your kite while it is being inflated. Easily carry the pump and all accessories in the bag with the shoulder strap or just take the pump using the pump's convenient handle.


  • Portable, high-efficiency, and low-noise electric pump in an all-in-one convenient package
  • Pumps up to 22 PSI (1.5 Bar) with wide pressure range selectable by easy dial indicator "Set it and Forget it" automatic shut-off at the selected pressure
  • Twin cylinder, single-stage pump fills quickly and to higher pressure than most electric pumps Internal, rechargeable 12 volt battery
  • Easily recharge the battery with the included wall charger or car cigarette lighter adapter Included 12 volt power cable can run the pump from other sources like a car battery using the included power cable.


  • Charge battery for 10 - 12 hours before using 
  • Pressure 1.5 Bar (22psi)
  • 20 minute run time only (must cool down before re-used for 20 mins) 
  • Automatic thermal shut off if (overheating)
  • Twin Cylinders, no relay, and microswitches
  • Standard connection to cigarette plug for charging only  Note cannot run this unit off the cigarette lighter (only charge)
  • LED indicators for diagnostics
  • Integrated 12V DC battery, rechargeable through cigarette plug or standard 110 - 240V AC / DC power
  • Equipped with terminals for direct connection to external 12-volt batteries (Aligator clips)
  • Inflates and deflates large or small objects (depends on valve size for deflation timeframe)
  • Protective filtration system
  • Comes with Inflation fittings for all common valves - Halkey Roberts etc
  • The battery might pump a min of 3-4 inflatable stand up paddle boards to (15psi) before the battery needs recharging
  • USA ,Australian, and European charging adaptors provided. Charger converts to 110v or 240v to suit all countries
  • Battery documentation provided for travel worldwide (Airplanes) (Click link below or on bottom of website)
  • Please keep battery charged when not in use to prolong battery 
  • Comes contained in a carry bag (strap)
  • Dimensions - 220 x 320 x 220 
  • Bag weight 6.65 kg 

    NOTE : When charging the Bravo 20 unit via 110 - 240 volt or the cigarette lighter the unit will not be able to be used until it is charged suffiently -
    If the battery runs out of charge or fails , you still have the ability to use the unit via the alligator clips which bypasses the battery.
    This is one of the best features about the Bravo 20 - it can always be used regardless if the battery is charged or discharged   


  • Stand up paddle boards, dinghies and kayaks
  • Inflatable toys and towable
  • Air mattresses

Click here for MSDS (Lead Batteries - Airlines)



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